What’s the Best Place to Go on a First Date?

What’s the Best Place to Go on a First Date?

Whether you’ve not dated for a while, or you’re someone who finds first dates nerve-wracking, it can be hard to decide what to do when you’ve asked someone out. Some options are a little unimaginative, yet work well, while others are fun, but might not be practical when you’re still getting to know each other. Here are some things to consider when choosing a first date place.

Think about what makes a good first date

Think about some good first dates you’ve had in the past. There are certain things that make a first date location perfect, such as:

  • Being able to chat
  • Not being too loud
  • Having other people around – just in case things go wrong
  • A convenient location for both of you

Avoid places like the cinema, where you have to be quiet for two hours, or noisy clubs or bars, where you’ll be shouting at each other rather than having a proper conversation. If you live far apart, it’s best to meet mid-way, otherwise one of you has to make a bigger effort than the other.

Stick to classic first date locations

Nobody expects you to be totally innovative or do something adventurous on your first date. It’s simply a way to get to know someone, whether you’re meeting them in real life for the first time, or you know each other as friends and are deciding whether to date. Stick to a location such as a restaurant Terrigal, as you can then simply enjoy dinner together, without too much stress or pressure. There’s a reason restaurants and cafes are so popular for first dates, as they’re simply the easiest option.

Stay safe on a date

Nowadays, it’s becoming more common to meet people online and to arrange dates with people you’ve never met before. While online dating can be great fun, it’s also important to think about your security when you meet a stranger. Make sure you meet somewhere public and let someone know where you are going. It’s better to meet in a town or city, rather than somewhere remote, so you can get home easily if you need to.

Planning a first date can be tricky, as there are lots of options for things to do and places to go. However, keeping it simple is usually the best choice. Pick somewhere public where you can still enjoy chatting and getting to know each other, so hopefully, you’ll be planning a second date.